Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Beginning

I want to put something up just to start off. I can't always be writing and right now I'm doing an article for our schools newspaper, while listening to music and writing this. Yes, its hard so I'm "multi-tasking". But anyways, I put up my travel blog website in the link (which I have found is the title, oddly). Right now it has nothing in it, but I want to finish my Australia blog (in the making for 2 years and counting) and maybe organize Los Angeles. I might be going to Mexico City this summer, Italy, Quebec, and maybe Hong Kong if money is allright. My parents are divorced so I get double the amount of trips. But in 2011 I am going to India which will be awesome! We're so excited (mom and I, that is). So I love traveling to far off places and finding things out of the way. Even when things go wrong, I think it was meant to be that way so I make the most of it. I'll be posting more later this week hopefully, and can't wait to find something cool.

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