Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Time... Finally!

Spring's finally here! Not yet, but its just supposed to get warmer and into the 70's by the weekend. I can't wait. I'm finally getting back to my old habits. Winter totally messed me up. Everything changed from my eating to what I do each day. I feel so sick and tired from it all. I'm starting to relax with the warm breezes and feel like meditating again, or at least listening to some meditation music again. Despite my other stresses, I'm plugging through.

So I would like to expand my "territory of thought" now that spring has come. First off, lets go with music. There's this podcast called New World Kirtan. It has some of the best Kirtans and Bhajans out there and it advertises (kind of) local shows. At least for Westerners in Oregon and Washington. My favorite one is the most recent one called Ganesh Is Fresh.

On youtube the video Ganesh Is Fresh! is a song by MC Yogi thats really cool!

This weekend I'm going to DC for the Terra Cotta Warriors and also to just walk around. So I'll post something on my blog for DC that I just created @ It'll be getting pretty busy during the months to come and later. I'm focusing on locals, and also far away peoples, to explore their community because I've come to see a lot of people don't know about what they have right in front of their eyes.

Also, I'll be sometime posting something on my blog World Focus soon @ The blog will focus on different areas of the world and their culture, music, tradition, life, etc, trying to debunk myths and prove facts to spread their culture to Americans and other people so that we can know that the world is not so scary right out of our front door.
Life's going to get interesting soon, as we aretrying to figure out this summer. Either a train trip from DC to Los Angeles on Amtraks Southwest Chief, Mumbai, Paris, or fly somewhere in the US (preferrably LA). Anything is fine with me though a train trip would be my first choice and then Mumbai.

It's Destiny.....

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  1. Hi Lawrence,
    I'm so glad you're enjoying the podcast!
    Jai Ma!
    Kitzie Stern
    Producer, New World Kirtan podcast


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