Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Things

New York Times has one of the best travel sections. I find everything there. And World Hum gives and excellent source for "hip" travel atricles written by people who love to travel and know how to find the best experiences of the country. Along with this is the magazine Afar and BBC World News on PBS for up to date information on world issues.

For anyone living near DC, theres a really nice place to eat called teaism. They have a website so look it up in google. It has a mix of Asian and European food and is quick (like fast-food) and healthy. Theres a store near the one at the Naval Memorial. They sell a large array of teas and other things (chocolate!!). Whenever I go to DC I stop there for lunch before going on. Theres nothing better.
If you want to, learn Hindi with me. It'll keep me going with my study as well as helping me teach others. So lets start with one word:

फिर मिलेंगे : Romanization- phir milenge. you have to do a short i sound in phir and "mi-" of milenge, and speak through your nose (nasalize) to do the "-e-" in "milenge". it means "Good Bye" or literally "We'll meet again".
I could put up a website so you can learn the letters. Its really good and makes it easy. It takes some clicks to get there and for me it doesnt work if you put in the URL for some reason.

So.... फिर मिलेंगे!!! मेरे बाद  में लिखू...........

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