Monday, March 22, 2010

The Joys of School

Today was the first real day of school for me in a week. Last week was so, so easy. I had competitions for violin so I skipped a day, didn't bring gym clothes, etc. Now I have to buckle down and do some work actually. So after this and some other things and in 30 minutes I'm planning to start my homework and be finished before midnight. I feel that today, we are given way to much work and it really takes away from our learning and our lives.
Anyways, so I went to DC like I said, and of course the day we go theres a protest. About 100,000+ Latinos, Asians, Africans, etc (aka immigrants) came to march at the Mall and to the Capitol for immigration reform. So the perfect DC trip was not so perfect but rather a complicated mess of racket. It was actually quite fun though being there at a major protest. I'll post some pictures later today or by tomorow.
Can I have one of my 3 readers (I ACTUALLY have READERS), comment on what I could improve on in other future blogs? I really want some help to make a decent blog other than this one to start off with.
So, as I said, I will be writing on my other blogs soon and will notify on this one when it is up.

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