Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care's Failure?

Well, just reporting on on the front page: Obama's new Health Care again! Yay! And everyone just loves his bill. The article angers me because how can we pay this with everything else going on (Iraq, Afghanistan, other countries with our forces in them, etc.) And it's going to ravage our old ages' bank accounts. When YOU'RE old, when I'M old, when they population of our country is mostly old and dying (which i think it is getting there right now), how are we going to be able to "get a seat at the doctors office?" Are there going to be lines and lists just to see the doctor for a simple cold?

The article does spell out some doom in the first page, but later it describes in relative detail how it will affect different groups of people.

What I find interesting is this:

"For example, a family of four making $44,000 would pay $2,763 in premiums, or about 6 percent of its income.

But a similar family making $66,000 would have to pay $6,257 in premiums, close to 10 percent of its income. That may be less than a mortgage, but it's more than a car payment."

Now I know people who make more money, under Obama's bureau, should give more to the government. But, has anyone realized that there's absolutely no way that a lot of people in this country, in this economy, can keep this amount flowing for health care from their bank account. My mom and most of my family makes around the first figure. We would definitely not be able to pay $2,763 in premiums! And we definitely do not live a wasteful life. We keep the house at 59 degrees year round, turn it off sometimes even during the summer, never go out to eat (which I really don't mind, eveything at restaurants we can make at home and its full of things that we don't want in our bodies), barely drive anywhere, and never spend things shopping when we don't need to.

The link, again, for those who don't know, to the article, is the title.

Now onto something more happy. I have started a yoga programme at home. I just go onto iTunes and find podcasts. It's really nice. Also on you can find everything related to the more hippy, spiritual side of Hinduism and Indian living. They have a really good Chai recipe and some cool pictures. Though Harish Johari looks like he's staring you down.

Ravi Shankar is probably the best Indian musicien (ha, sorry French) in the world! His daughter is coming to DC at the Kennedy Center sometime in a programme called "maximum INDIA". I can't wait.

Check out the websites! Especially the Kennedy Center.

Lastly, my (yours too) Hindi.
मैं  संगीत खेल से पैसा बनाना चाहते हैं

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