Tuesday, March 16, 2010

India Day at home

We made Tikka Masala today for the first time in like months. Along with that we had some tazo chai. I so miss that taste and want more. We didn't make alot and it wasnt exactly enough. But the naan and basmati rice made up for it. All we use is a jar of pataks tikka masala and add it to cooked chickens and vegetables. It's so simple. That's why m meals are so different from normal Americans as we have found that these foods are easy to cook and prepare. Michael Wood's The Story of India was the movie choice for tonight. Another regular occurance in my household. Really cool music and video. The scenes are breathtaking coupled with this music that is so typical Indian but has something special about it I can't describe. Lastly before bed, I need some ideas for blogs to wrote. I like this one as a start and feel I can improve. I want to make something on something I enjoy and that people will be inteested in. I like travelling but I don't necesarily go all the time. Washington dc I could do an insiders guide so to say. I also like tea so I could do a blog on all the different types of tea I find. So yea... The possibilities are endless. I'm off to bed to be ready for a competition tomorow with county orchestra's. I don't want to go but who Dan deny a chance to miss all day of school again!

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